DITW Designs

DITW Designs is a division of Ducks in the Window Wholesale,  that focus on creating unique one-of-a-kind designer rubber ducks. Most of our creations and design concepts originate from listening directly to our brick-and-mortar retail store customers feedback and recommendations. Our rubber ducks are designed and developed in the United State and manufactured under high quality controls overseas.  We pride ourselves on quality and safety.  Our most valued feature of our rubber ducks are that they are completely hermetically sealed and are weighted.  This design characteristic prevents mold internally and ensures that our rubber duckies will all float up right.  DITW Designs guarantees each rubber ducky will "Bring A Smile"™.

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  • Finny Great White Shark Rubber Duck by Ducks in the Window and Celebriducks

    Ducks in the Window®

    Finny the Great White Shark Rubber Duck


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