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  • How can I quickly find a particular style of rubber duck or product?
    Our powerful search engine tool is a good feature to use when looking for a specific product or style. When you select the search box from the upper left of page, a full page will open that will begin presenting relevant products as soon as you start typing. Select the product you like and you will be sent to the specific product page on our website.
  • I don’t know exactly the product I want. What is the best method to navigate the website?
    At the top of the page you will find the websites main navigation menu bar, that breaks down our product offering into categories and sub-categories. Our super navigation drop down enables you to easily click on the category you are looking to find. Select the category and you will be taken to a Product Page of all relevant items you can browse through.
  • When I’m on a Product Category page, can I refine items being presented to me so I can find the product faster?
    You can refine products being presented to you by using Filters or by Sorting View. Available filters can be found on the left hand side, which include Sub-Categories (if applicable), Brands, and Price. Furthermore, you can use sort order, to present items in Alphabetical Order, Most Recent, etc. All these methods will help you find the product you’re looking for on our website.

Online Orders

  • Where is my order, I have not received it?
    Your tracking information is automatically sent via email confirming your purchase.  Sometimes our emails go to junk mail, so make sure to check your spam folder or junk mail box.  Please check tracking details to get the most up to date status where your package is.  Note: Do to the Pandemic shipping delays have been experienced by most careers.  If you require further support you may email us at or you may call online support at 508-348-5286.
  • What payments do you accept?
    We accept most all credit cards, including payments via PayPal, Apple Pay, G Pay, and Amazon Pay.  You can also use PayPal Pay later that offers qualifies accounts credit payment terms that extends your funding purchase ability.
  • My payment will not go through, what do I do?
    Make sure you have the correct billing address (that the credit card is build to), card number, expiration date and security code.  Payments are processed and authenticated via third party payment gateway providers, so no personal information is saved or stored on our website.  If you're using PayPal, make sure your email matches your account with PayPal and including all personal information or you may experience issues.
  • Do you offer bulk discounts or wholesale pricing?
    We do offer wholesale pricing to qualified business accounts, for further information visit Wholesale here under Help Center.  However, if you are an individual making a large order we will work with you and can offer discounted pricing or provide you a coupon code that can be applied at check out.  Remember, we do offer free shipping on all orders over $75.00.  For further information you may email us at 508-348-5286 or email
  • How do I enter my billing and shipping address?
    Make sure you correctly enter you're shipping and billing addresses. The billing address must match your credit card you are using. Also make sure to use the 2nd address line for specifying an apartment, suite, or floor.
  • Do I need to set up an account to make a purchase?
    We offer Big Savings when you register an account, which automatically enrolls you in our Lucky Ducky Club program. Read more about the  Lucky Duck Club here for further details.   However, you do not need an account to make a purchase. You can always select check out as a guest. This will take you straight to entering your shipping information, payment, and checkout.

Shipping Policy

  • When will you process our order?
    Most all online orders are processed within 24 hours. We pride ourselves on timely turn around and processing to ensure your item is delivered to the shipping carrier as soon as we can.
  • What type of shipping do you offer?
    All our shipping is handled by the USPS (Standard, Expedited, & International where available).  USPS offers the most competitive rates when it comes to shipping small items like rubber ducks.  Free domestic shipping within the lower 48 Unites States on all orders over $75.
  • How much does shipping cost?
    Domestic shipping is calculated based on total value of shopping cart, so the more you purchase the better the rate.  Expedited is based on the region of the country you are in and are displayed at check out.
  • Do you offer expedited shipping?
    We do offer priority shipping option at an additional cost that can get packages delivered sooner typically based on where its going (2-3 business days).

    NOTE: that do to the Pandemic delays at all levels of service can have unexpected delays.

  • Do you offer free shipping?
    Yes we do offer free domestic shipping on all orders over $75.00
    Most of you are aware by now that shipping delays are an issue and even with priority shipping guarantee arrival on a specific day or time is not possible. We are not responsible for delays caused by shipping carriers. Tracking information is provided and scanning will show the progress and status of all packages.

Coupon Codes & Gift Cards

  • How do I use a coupon code?
    At check out there will be a field to add the coupon code
  • Where can I find coupon codes?
    We offer 10% coupon upon signing up for our Newsletter (hyper link to registration page). Additionally we offer throughout the year via social media and our newsletters, coupon codes including inside most shipments we send out. Keep an eye out for discount coupon offers.
  • How do I purchase a gift card?
    You may purchase a gift card by selecting the gift box icon at the top right of the page to be used online only click here. You will be able to select an amount for the card, including a theme such as Birthday Balloons, so you can down load a version to be printed out. You will receive an email after payment that will include the code and printable version.  The code will be used by the recipient to redeem its value at check out.

Returns or Damaged Items

  • What do I do if my item is damaged or broken during shipping?
    Please contact customer support via email at or you may call via phone at 508-348-5286. We will be happy to provide a return shipping label if needed and replace the damaged product. All returns must be completed within 30 days upon receipt of the item. NOTE: we may require a photo to ensure the product is new and in original packaging.  Please do not return item withiout prior consent or your item will not be refunded.
  • What about your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?
    Ducks in the Window stands by all our products and our tagline is Bring A Smile.  So for if you have an issue with anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out to customer support and we will make every effort to work with you. 
  • Will you refund me my shipping costs?
    Shipping costs are nonrefundable. We will provide credit for the item, but not the cost for shipping the item to you.

About Our Rubber Ducks

  • Are your ducks safe for children?
    Ducks in the Window has an authorised independently Lab test our rubber ducks to ensure they comply with all Child Safety requirements. So you know if you purchase your rubber ducks from us, they are what they say they are and not knockoffs or couterfeits, which you will see on Amazon and other online commerce platforms.
  • What are your ducks made of and how do they comply with Child Safety?
    Most ducks are all made of vinyl synthetic plastic. To be compliant with safety regulations these plastics must be 100% free of phthalates. This includes the paint must be lead free as well. These are the primary two things all parents should want to be aware of and to make sure your sources of ducks come are coming from regulated factores and suppliers.
  • Are there ducks not made of plastics?
    If your looking for an all natural alternative rubber duck, you have to check out our Lanco (hyperlink to Lanco) products which are all made from eco-friendly materials, are sustainable, and organic.
  • Do Ducks in the Window know where your ducks come from?
    We are the largest importer of rubber ducks in North America. We are the official distributor for several brand manufactures such as Bud Duck, Schnables, Lanco, and our own line of DITW Designer ducks. We can assure that our rubber ducks come from reliable manufacturer and credible sources.
  • Do all ducks float?
    Now this is a question we get asked more often than not.  Yes all ducks will float, however based on their individual design they may or may not float upright.  The original rubber duck never floated upright.   We do have a rubber duck line called Ad Line and most of their designs have a weight placed on the bottom to help them float upright.  If you need a rubber duck to float upright please don't hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to advise you on specific styles that float better than others.  We also have a weighted plug that can work with some styles.
  • Do you have squeaker ducks?
    Our Lanco product line has an embedded squeaker in it and is truly a squeaker duck.  Other brands such as Schnabels and LiLaLu have holes on the bottom and when air passes in and out when squeezed they make a squeaking sound.


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 Jumbo Personalized Rubber Duck

Personalized "Your Name Here"

Our unique jumbo rubber duck with embroidered message or name has become a staple of our brand.  We are the only company in the world offering this special rubber duck, which has been bringing smiles around the globe. Check them out here!

Choose between a classic white sailors cap or a straw bonnet where your name can be embroidered with either blue or pink thread color.  Note: we recommend up to 11 characters from left to right.  More characters will continue to wrap around the sides making the message or name difficult to read.

The Nantucket straw bonnets are truly special and each handmade design is a one of a kind.  We embroider your message in a white ribbon that is attached to the hat.  Lastly, the bonnet gets adorned with delicate flowers that brings it to life.

To top it all off you can choose a pattern scarf/bandanna for the duck.  Our most popular stye is our very own custom sailors knot scarf in blue or pink, but nothing can come close to our Happy Whales patter that is by far the #1 seller.

While this one of a kind gift is most popular for baby showers, they are made every day for customers of all ages from 1 to 100.  Check out our special and custom designs jumbo ducks for different Holidays, or ducks that are named after family homes, ranches, boats, or even college students who enjoy Greek Life.   You name it, we seen it, on a hat!




Who would have thought that there were so many companies manufacturing rubber ducks for your tubby.  At Ducks in the Window you will find the largest collection of rubber ducks anywhere in the world.  The following will introduce you several of our brand designers and offer a brief description of what sets them apart.Premium Ducks

Our Exclusive Rubber Ducks

DITW Designs- Ducks in the Window has developed several unique rubber ducks designs that can not be purchased anywhere else.   We were the first to come up with the Teacher Rubber Duck and our Space Warriors Rubber Ducks & Wedding Couple Gift Set are some of our top sellers every year.   Check out the full line here!

Premium Ducks

Tubbz- has the licensing rights to many comic, movie, television, and gaming brands.  They create one of a kind extremely detailed rubber ducks that are highly collectable and perfect people of all ages.  Each duck comes in a plastic tub.  Check them out here!

Bud Ducks- is one of the industries oldest premium brands based in Europe.  These ducks are finished with extreme precision.  They are placed in an elegant sealed clam shell packaging with whimsical sayings on them, which makes them very giftable.  Check them out here!

Celebriducks- based in California these rubber ducks are based off personalities from the entertainment world and play off parody for their names.   So the Rolling Stones Mick Jagger is the Floating Stones.  Each duck comes in a fun designed box reflecting the character duck inside.  Check them out here!

Loccomocean - imported from the UK, these LED light up ducks automatically turn on when placed in water.  Off when removed.   They gently transition colors between Red, Blue, and Green.  The most popular are the rare Pond Wars series based on Star Wars characters.  Check them out here!

Medium Ducks

LiLalu - imported from Germany offers a wide range of over 100 different styles of ducks that are approximately 3’ long a fit in the palm of your hand.  They have a hole on the bottom, making a squeaking sound and are often called squeaker ducks.  Great quality in finish detailing. Check them out here!

Lanco -  since 1952 they are the oldest manufacture of all natural pet and baby toys based in Barcelona. Spain. Each duck is made from 100% sustainable materials from the sap of a rubber tree and actually have a squeaker placed inside to make a real authentic squeaker sound.  All their ducks have their signature droopy eyes that make them one-of-a-kind.  Perfect for infants and pets.  Check them out here!

Schnabels - imported from Germany, there are over a 100 different styles to choose from and are fun to collect.  A squeaker duck with hole on the bottom.  Very nice quality finish work making them great for all ages.  Check them out here!

Yarto - imported from the UK these ducks have been around for decades and can been found in museum gift shops all around the world.  Most of their collection are based on historical figures of some kind.  Check them out here!

Wild Republic- is a brand know for their quality plush toys and plastics figurines that got started mostly in zoos, aquariums and museum around the globe.   Their ducks are sealed and are finished very cleanly and are perfect for kids of all ages.  Check them out here!

Ad Line - a promotional company with over 100 styles to chose from, most of their ducks are sealed and have a weight inside to help them float upright.  Great product that are the most common in the United States.  Check them out here!

DITW Designs- don’t for get our very own Ducks in the Window creations.   We have a few ducks that are made specifically for us that are under our Exclusive rubber duck product listing.  Check them out here! 



Ducks In The Window provides wholesale services for qualified vendors. Our friendly rubber ducks are fantastic for fundraisers, promotional, and corporate events.  If your looking to purchase a large order for a special event, party, or fund raiser don't hesitate to reach out to us, we would be more than happy to work up a special bulk rate offer to help out.  Our goal is to bring a smile!

If you're looking for something a little more personalized or unique we do offer corporate branding on a variety of styles of rubber ducks, including the option to completely custom design unique creations that meet your marketing goals or objectives.

Please keep in mind that custom production runs do have minimums and will take extra time.  Pandemic and supply chain issues have made turn around times unpredictable, so make sure to plan ahead.

Please email at, or you may reach us by phone by call 508-348-5286.

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Monday       9am-10pm
Tuesday      9am-10pm
Wednesday 9am-10pm
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