Worlds Largest Rubber Duck Shop over 3000 Styles

Worlds Largest Rubber Duck Shop over 3000 Styles

Posted by Robert Foster on Feb 10th 2023

Yes its true!  There is actually a store dedicated to rubber duck bath toys with over 1000 different styles that will match most any persons occupation, personalty, sport, or favorite pass time.  Ducks in the Window has both a brick and mortar shop and online store located in the famous beach resort town of Chatham, Massachusetts.   It's truly something you must be seen to be believed!

Rubber Ducks come in all shapes and sizes.  The most common and recognizable are medium size ducks that are approximately 3.5" and can fit on the palm of an adults hand.  These are most commonly used as bath toys.

Small rubber ducks are approximately 1" in size and are consider novelty ducks that are given away for free at carnivals or fairs.  Do to their size the detailing and finish work are not as elegant or detailed as with other sizes.  People who own Jeeps have been placing these ducks on Jeep owners trucks which has become a ritual and  popularized trend across the country.

Ducks of all sizes are collected by people of all ages and premium ducks come well packaged and the attention to detailing is what sets them apart.  Some ducks like Tubbz offer official licensed rubber ducks that represent characters from movies, film, gaming and more.

Lastly you can find exclusively at Ducks in the Window or unique personalized jumbo rubber ducks.  These ducks are approximately 9.5" long and can float in pool, hot tubs, bath tubes, or most anywhere.  The ducks come with a sailors cap on their heads where customers can have embroidered their names, school, business, or just about anything.

Don't forgret to vist Ducks in the Window online or during your next trip to Cape Cod!